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    Uncle Vernon loved to read, to teach, to write--but most of all he loved to learn. The research he did and the hours of grueling work, shared with my Aunt Evelyn, were an outgrowth of his thirst for knowledge as well as his love of family.

    Vernon suffered through the typhoid fever epidemic that killed his father and through a devastating stroke, only to come up fighting and win over tremendous odds. However, when he was stricken with incurable cancer, he professed himself ready to die peacefully after a full and wonderful life. His family, especially his daughters Martha Nan and Mary Marie, were loathe to let him go without trying whatever was left to try. Therefore in 1989 he went to Greece to an experimental clinic where there might be some hope of a cure. He did this not for himself but for his adoring family. He passed away after taking some treatments there, for his disease was far-advanced by that time.

    The story is not in his death, however. It is in the courage it took to try--and I am sure that Uncle Vernon was learning still at the very end of his earthly life.

    I am proud to have been his niece and proud also to dedicate THE EWING FAMILY TREE to his memory.

CarolSue Hair
April 6, 1997

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