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In Honor of Love not yet Recognized and the Passion of its Realization
No Common Flower *It Grows*

I am an Oklahoma Rose,
Sprung from rich red soil,
A many-layered flower...
Petals overlapping, gold and peach.

Young, I was a rosebud, tightly furled.
It took love and care and years
To open me to all that life can offer.

I am finally at my peak,
Newly full-blown, bright and fragrant,
Eager for the touch of one who loves this Rose.

Someone magic
Bends, bestows a breathless kiss,
    Gathers me before the wind and sun and time can steal my life.

And magic...
He will always love me

And magic...
I will bloom for him forever.


Thank You, Mc

©1996-97-98-99 CarolSue Hair