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*JAMES EWING--Marriage #1

*JAMES EWING m. 7 March 1814 Wilson Co., TN Nancy Smith


  OSCAR SMITH b. 5 Feb 1815--TN d. 27 Jun 1885
  JOHN LOVE b. 31 Mar 1816--TN d. 18 Feb 1845
 SARAH McGAVOCK b. 12 Dec 1817--TN d. 21 Dec 1886
 LUCINDA CLEMMONS b. 8 Dec 1819--TN d. 5 Aug 1895
  ALEXANDER BAILEY b. 24 Nov 1821--TN d. 31 Dec 1886
  MARY RANDALL b. 22 Oct 1823--TN d. 1 Dec 1836
  JAMES WILLIAM b. 19 Oct 1825--TN d. 27 Oct 1882
  NANCY ELIZABETH b. 16 Sep 1827--TN d. 30 Sep 1875
  MARTHA JANE b. 21 Sep 1829--TN d. 23 Feb 1916
  BENJAMIN DAVID b. 1 Jul 1831--TN d. 24 Dec 1906
  SHADRACK NEWBERN b. 8 Jun 1833--TN d. 5 Jan 1917
  ISAAC BROWN b. 30 May 1835--TN d. 18 Jul 1835

*JAMES EWING--Marriage #2

*JAMES EWING m. 16 May 1836 Wilson Co., TN *MALINDA BELLOW


  TENNESSEE ANN b. 24 Mar 1837--TN d. 26 Dec 1881
  ELDRIDGE LAYFAYETTE b. 25 Dec 1838--TN d. 1 Feb 1896
  EMILY ELEXZENA b. 9 May 1841--TN d. 20 Feb 1853
  RANDALL BRANSFORD b. 3 Sep 1844--TN d. Mar 1876
  THOMAS WISEMAN b. 12 Jun 1847--TN d. 12 Jun 1847
  HELEN G. b. 6 Sep 1850--TN d. 24 Jun 1911
*GUSTAVUS HENRY b. 16 August 1853--TN d. 29 December 1894--Dallas Co., TX

    James Ewing, my second great-grandfather, was a solid citizen of Wilson County, Tennessee, for all of his life. Courthouse records show that he was executor for wills, administrator for sales and inventories, and witness to many legal documents. At least fifteen deeds show him as involved in the buying and selling of tracts of land around Smith's Fork in Wilson County. He deeded three acres of his land, on which his farming operation seems to have been very successful, to the Prosperity Baptist Church for its construction. The third version of that that church still stands today on that same land. My second great-grandmother Malinda, James's second wife, was active in the life of the church, and the church records show James and Malinda as charter members.

    James Ewing was nothing if not prolific. My great-grandfather Gustavus H. Ewing was the nineteenth and last of his children, born when James was 63 years of age. Most of his children had the opportunity to enjoy the comfortable life with which their father provided them, although Gussie (as he was called) was quite young when the world of James Ewing and countless other thousands in both the North and the South changed forever.

    James was 69 years old when the Civil War began with Confederate artillery opening fire on Fort Sumpter on April 10, 1861. He was to see numerous of his sons and friends and neighbors join the fray. He would see far too many of them maimed, taken prisoner, or killed in action. In 1865, when the War was over, James was too old to adjust to the new way of life, and he also suffered much at the hands of marauding Union soldiers and scavengers. He died in 1866, no doubt a saddened man--certainly a man with few worldly goods--who passed from a Tennessee quite different from the one he had known and a country permanently altered by "The Late Unpleasantness." His great-grandfather Alexander, his grandfather John, and his father Alexander of Nashville had left wills providing well for their families upon their deaths. James left no will; he had little left to give.

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