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Alexander Ewing Dec. Inventory Recorded June 6th 1822

    An inventory of the personal estate of Alexander Ewing deceased: 29 slaves to wit Orange and his wife Lydia, Jerry and his wife Jinney and her nine children, to wit: Sookey, Syleria, Levin, Hulda, Matilda, Jinsey, Milton, Mitchell, and Tennessee--John, Humphrey, and George, children of Sookey--Turner, Andrew, and Caroline, children of Sylvia, Nancy or Nanny and her three children Frederick or Fed, Jim and Thornton, Susannah or Sous and her two children Harry and Marion, Daniel, John, Phil--14 head of horses including one colt, 49 head of cattle including calves, 100 head of sheep including lambs, 122 hogs and pigs, 3 deer, 1 wagon and gear, 1 ox cart, 7 ploughs, 7 axes, 12 weeding hoes, 2 stone hammers, 40tt iron, 3 cradles & 5 scythes, 1 crosscut saw, 1 hand saw, several augers, chisels, and carpenter tools, spades, 3 shovels, 3 harrows, 6 barrels salt, 200tt sugar, 40tt coffee, 100tt dried beef, 400tt hog lard, 50tt tallow, 5 cotton wheels, 2 flax wheels, 2 cribs corn containing 400 barrels by estimation, 6 stacks fodder, and some hay--and a quantity of unthrashed oats and rye. Household furniture, one clock, 1 rifle, one shot gun, 6 beds bedsteads and furniture, and kitchen furniture. A quantity of bacon, some picked cotton, near a barrel of whiskey, some leather and other small articles convenient for housekeeping, $899 in bank paper, $90.25 in silver, $10 in gold, $989--the following bonds and notes 1 executed by Robert Gorman, Shadrack Jarman, and A. Harris for $1000 dated 21 April 1818 and due April 1821 with a credit of $43.32 cents endorsed on 13 Dec. 1821, and another credit of $550 endorsed on 20 March 1821. One other bond executed by the same persons of the same date due 21st April 1822 for $1000. Thos. Childress bound to A. Ewing for $317.12 dated 3d May 1820 due 60 days thereafter--One other bond executed by said Childress by his attorney R. W. Green for $474 57/100 dated 7th January 1822 due 60 days after date--also an order drawn by Tho. Childress in favor of Robert M. Green for $50 which was paid by said Ewing for said Childress on 18th March 1820, W. B. Ballentine of Kentucky bond to said Ewing for $30 dated 30th May 1821 due 1 Dec. Thereafter--C. Giles, Geo. Elliot, and James Jackson note to said Ewing for $1000 dated 10th September 1819 payable on or before first June ensuing in the hands of Wm. Hadley for collection--One bond on Stump and Cox and others to Alexander Ewing dated 30 March 1819 at 6 mo. For $9200 in suit, and respecting which it is believed some agreement was made by said Ewing in his lifetime--one note on T. H. Fletcher endorsed by G. E. Washington dated 30th July 1819 at 15 days for $250 in suit against endorser--one note on Stump and Cox endorsed by C. Stump for $1060 dated 13 April 1819 due first May thereafter in suit C. Stump, respecting this also it is believed some agreement was made by same Ewing in his lifetime.

A. B. Hayes for self &
W. L Brown
Alex C. Ewing


State of Tennessee Davidson County Court 1822

    The foregoing inventory of the estate of Alexander Ewing, deceased, was returned into court by Alvin B. Hayes, William L. Brown, and Alexander C. Ewing his executors Vc. and ordered to be be recorded.

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