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(updated Sunday, September 29, 2002)


According to legend handed down through countless Ewing generations, the Ewing name came about as follows: In pre-Christian times, a group of Celts settled along the eastern shores of Loch Lomond in Scotland and became shepherds. Their peaceful settlement was plagued by the depredations of a huge eagle that stole their sheep. Finally an infant child was taken by the eagle. The eagle's nest was in a precarious position under the overhang of a steep cliff, and one of the shepherds was lowered by rope to attempt to kill this bird that had caused them such injury. Unable to hoist the whole of the eagle's corpse back to the clifftop, the shepherd brought back with him one of the eagle's wings to prove that his mission had been accomplished successfully. This group of Celtic shepherds began to call themselves the Eagle Wing Clan. This clan name was shortened to E-Wing and finally to Ewing. For scholarly research into the origin of the Ewing name, please visit the CLAN EWING in AMERICA web site.


Courtesy of Robert H. Johnson and Clan Ewing in America

Our Clan Ewing for many years has been erroneously identified with other Scottish clans, especially the Highland clan, Clan Ewen or Clan MacEwen (MacEwan). And yet Clan Ewing is a Lowland clan distinct and separate, found with the name EWING in place and the Ewing Arms with its motto, AUDACITER, present a hundred or more years before the first of the dispersed Clan Ewen came down from the Highlands to settle in the area around Loch Lomond and Stirling Castle, that very castle near which the first documented member of my Ewing line was born and lived for a great deal of his life. There are numerous studies by scholars who prove the case for the distinction of Clan Ewing from the Highland clans, but one I would recommend is CLAN EWING OF SCOTLAND by Dr. Elbert W.R. Ewing. This volume gives a most detailed discussion of not only the origins of Clan Ewing but also very early history of Scotland as a whole.

STIRLING CASTLE and the lowlands surrounding it and Loch Lomond are the ancestral home of Clan Ewing. The castle and its environs are also the setting for several famous battles, not the least The Battle of Stirling Bridge fought by William Wallace (Braveheart of the movie) and the decisive later battle fought by Robert the Bruce. Two excellent sites which focus on Castle Stirling and its history are Stirling Castle and Stirling, Scotland's Historic Centre .

Modern View of Stirling Castle


My name is CarolSue Hair, and within these pages you will find documented the family saga of one line of Ewings.   As you browse the various links, you will also read something of what life was like for these generations of hardy Scots as they traveled from their Scottish Homeland into Ireland and then across the waters to America. While moving through this site, you will hear traditional Celtic and American melodies that capture the flavor of the times in which my ancestors lived and loved, fought and died, contributed to and made their marks on their own brief moments in history.

This site is lovingly dedicated to my late Uncle Vernon T. Ewing , who had a passion for genealogy matched only by his zest for life. Without his research and his book, FROM WHENCE WE CAME--ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS OF GUSTAVUS H. EWING , this project would have been far more daunting for me to undertake.

"Men who are regardless of their ancestors and of their posterity are apt to be regardless of themselves. Our ancestors belong to us by affectionate retrospect; our descendants, by affectionate anticipation." Daniel Webster

You might also like to visit the CLAN EWING IN AMERICA web site for information on the modern Clan. I am a very proud member of that organization!

You are cordially invited to my site POETRY AND PROSE AND OKIEROSE where you will find out about me, meet those whom I hold dear, read some poetry, experience the Viet Nam Saga, and listen to some memories in music.

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