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Family history from EDNA DUNCAN for Clovis Pirtle

(This document is copied as near as I could from my Aunt Edna's book.)


Ambrose P Pirtle Born December 14, 1848-Joplin, Mo.

Sallie (Morris) Pirtle- Born March 19, 1847, Joplin, Mo.

The Pirtle children
Millie Ann Born September 22, 1880 in Cook County

William Thomas Born September 21, 1882 in Cook County

Nannie Born September 17, 1883 in Cook County

John Calvin Born March 27, 1887 in Salona, Texas Montague County

Edna Mae Born October 5, 1889 Salona, Texas Montague County

Ella Rosetta Born October 20, 1891 Salona, Texas Montague County


Ambrose P Pirtle Thursday February 25, 1915 Bowie, Texas Montague County, Cause of death Pneumonia, Buried in Salona cemetery

Sallie Pirtle, August 13, 1894 Salona, Texas, Montague County, cause of death Typhoid fever buried in Salona Cemetery

The Pirtle children
William Thomas Pirtle September 21, 1882 Cook County (He lived only a few minutes)

John Calvin Pirtle December 8, 1944 Veterans Hospital Dallas, Texas
Cause of death Pneumonia Buried in Bowie Cemetery

Millie (Pirtle) Wright January 9, 1942 Okla. City, Okla. Cause of death too much fluid in her body buried in oklahoma City cemetery

Nannie (Pirtle) Ewing February 9, 1969 Chickasha, Okla. Cause of death Cancer of the liver Buried in Bowie Cemetery

Our Father Ambrose P Pirtle had two sisters- Ellie and Elsie Pirtle
Ellie Pirtle married James Gerome in Joplin, Mo
Elsie Pirtle married Eliza Henry Joplin, Mo

Your Great Grandfather James Morris married Nanmcy Wilkerson
Your Great, Great Grandfather Abner Matthews married Elinder Fox
Your Great, Great, Great Grandfather Jesse Morris married Ann Hariett Matthews.
Their children were- William Abner Morris Married Ann Eliza Bell Uncle Williams Morris was a Presbyterian Preacher
John Wesley Morris Married Louise Couch
George Kelley Morris married Susan Couch

Some of the Abner Matthews children went to California to Pan for gold and found the gold and were Multi millionaires some of them still live near Santa Rosa

The Morris family have a long life span some lived to be 97 some 93 and 98 years old They were all talented Musicians all of them played some kind of a musical instrument and they also wrote music-

Your Father volunteered for service in world war 1 He wanted to go over seas but was turned down on the account of his heart condition

Your Father attended Teachers college and graduated from Commerce College He taught school in Montague Co. before going into service world war 1.

When your father was a very young man he felt like he had been called for the ministry- but he would have had to have more college work and money was very scarce in those days
I can remember him going to the edge of our cotton patch-kneel down and pray- I always managed to be near to listen and what a sweet prayer I heard.

One time while in service your Father was ordered to take a prisoner to Leavenworth prison- and he was told if the prisoner escaped he was to take his place- he made it O.K. and come back by to see us for a few days (I will send a picture that was taken while he was at our house)

Your dad had lots of talents- if he had money to help he could have done many, many things- I remember he could take a dark piece of paper and look at you- cut a profile at a glance we could see very plainly a perfect image-

We lost our mother when we were all very young. your Grandfather Pirtle was both Father and Mother to us- as long as he lived.

We lived in a log cabin many years, we were happy- be it ever so humble-. Many times when a storm was coming our Father would take us all to the side of the cabin the way the storm was coming and kneel down with us all around him while he prayed for our safety. His prayers were answered because we were always safe Many other cabins were destroyed-

We had no ambulance service when your Grand Father Pirtle died- his body was taken from the home- and to the church on to the cemetery in a hearse drawn by two large horses-

When your Grand Mother Pirtle died, it was Many, many years before they even had a horse drawn hearse every one went in a covered wagon- I can remember it well and how I cried and cried and on the way home from the funeral our sister Ella fell out of the wagon- we were all riding along and singing The old time religion-

Your father got an honorable discharge from the service- to help us in our crop- He of course had to stay on with us and help make and gather the crop-
After that year he began work in the United States Postal Service- where he worked for more than 18 years if I remember correctly- He was serving his second term as city secretary at Bowie at the time of his death- as you remember quite well he had a military funeral- Honorary Pall bearers were Bowie Postal employees and members of the city government- He had been a member of the Methodist Church for many years- as all the Pirtles are and were members of the Methodist Church-

I hope this little bit of information is of some help to you- I am sorry that I do not remember more about our Family to tell you.

note -- Some of the dates and places in this account differ from those found in my research, but dates are not as important as the story Edna tells. My thanks to Clovis Pirtle for allowing me to display her history and for the following photographs.

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