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*It Grows*

*WILLIAM EWING ~1610--Scotland ?--Ulster, Ireland
*ELIZA MILFORD ?--Scotland ?--Ulster, Ireland
*ROBERT EWING ~1650--Scotland? ?--Londonderry, Ireland
*ALEXANDER EWING ~1677--Londonderry, Ireland 7 May 1738--Cecil Co., MD
*REBECKAH_____ ?--Ireland ?--VA?
*JOHN EWING ~1725--Ireland 1787/88--Montgomery Co., VA
*ALEXANDER EWING 10 March 1752--Montgomery Co., VA 9 April 1822--Davidson Co.,TN
   EUPHEMY PURNEL ?--VA? aft. 1788--VA?
*SARAH (SALLY) SMITH 12 August 1761--TN? 15 June 1840--Davidson Co., TN
*JAMES EWING 20 September 1790--Davidson Co., TN 5 Feb 1866--Wilson Co., TN
  NANCY SMITH ?--Wilson Co., TN ~1834--Wilson Co., TN
*MALINDA BELLOW ~1813--Wilson Co., TN 10 July 1890--Wilson Co., TN
*GUSTAVUS H. EWING 16 August 1853--Wilson Co., TN 29 December 1894--Dallas Co., TX
*IRENE SAMANTHA WILLIAMS 20 April 1859--TN aft. 1926--TX
*JOHN HERSCHEL EWING 13 August 1882--Wilson Co., TN 3 January 1926--Bowie, TX
*NANNIE CORDELIA PIRTLE 17 September 1883--Wise County, TX 9 February 1969--Chickasha, OK
*DOROTHY LEE EWING 12 May 1924--Bowie, TX Living--Del City, OK
*GRAYDON LEON PERSING 23 February 1925--Coyle, OK Living--Del City, OK
*CAROLSUE PERSING 22 November 1944--Norman, OK Living--Narrows, VA
  CECIL LEROY HAIR 2 October 1944--Santa Ana, TX Living--St. Louis, MO
*CURTIS LEROY HAIR 25 August 1967--Midwest City, OK Living--Moore, OK
  RONDA G. VANWEY 23 December 1966--Denison, TX Living--Moore, OK

    "We live in the past by a knowledge of its history, and in the future by hope and anticipation.  By ascending to an association with our ancestors; by contemplating their example and studying their character; by partaking their sentiments and imbibing their spirit; by accompanying them in their toils; by sympathizing in their sufferings and rejoicing in their successes and triumphs; we mingle our existence with theirs and seem to belong to their age."  Daniel Webster

    The list above contains my direct EWING line and the information contained in these pages is correct to the best of my knowledge. Certainly there is always chance for error and not all genealogical information is exact. My research into this area of my family's history is based in great part on the work of my late uncle, Vernon T. Ewing, and the sources which he accessed as well as the personal research he did. He compiled his research in a book published independently in 1985 entitled FROM WHENCE WE CAME--ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS OF GUSTAVUS H. EWING. I believe I am at the moment the only researcher to put this complete line of Ewings on the WWW. There are, however, many references to some of these Ewings in the research of others.

    The Descendants of Gustavus Henry Ewing--6 generations, 256+ individuals

    Most of the information contained in this study was compiled by and used with the permission of James R. McMichael. It is not yet complete, but the pages are being added as they are produced so that there will always be as much data here as possible. Follow the above link and be assured that eventually the available information concerning all of the descendants of Gustavus H. Ewing will be accessible on this site. Since Gustavus Ewing was among the 5th generation of our Ewings in America--the first being the immigrant Alexander Ewing--the generations of Gussie's descendants will be numbered accordingly.

    For extensive data on the families of Robert Ewing in Ireland and the first four generations of the family in America, please visit the web site of James McMichael. You will find much-expanded information there on Robert, Alexander the Immigrant, Alexander Ewing of Nashville, John, and James Ewing:

    One Generation in Ireland and Four in America

    Some Helpful Information on Interpreting Data in the Ewing Family Tree:

    All individuals in the direct bloodline of the author will be preceded with "*".  The mark "^" after an individual's name or other data will be used to designate material about which there will appear a note. In the typing of original documents, the grammar and spelling used by the author(s) of those documents have been maintained.

    You will find that the "back" links will bring you to this main list, so in some cases it may be more efficient for you to hit your browser's back button to return to the previous page viewed.

    These pages may be freely linked to, but no reproduction for publication on the WWW or in any other source may be made without the express permission of the author of this site.

    This work has been undertaken so that my son and his children and their children may look back and view their heritage, feel a sense of belonging with the past, and know partially at least from whence they came.

©1997-90-99 CAROLSUE HAIR

"People willnot look forward to their posterity who never look backward to their ancestors."  Edmund Burke


"YEARS"--A poem in honor of my Ancestors, yours, and Genealogists--whoever and wherever they may be


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