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*CURTIS LEROY HAIR m. 18 June 1993 Midwest City, OK RONDA G. VANWEY


  MATHEW TYLER b. 24 August 1987--Midwest City, OK living--Moore, OK
*CASEY LOGAN b. 31 October 1996--Midwest City, OK living--Moore, OK

    Curtis Hair is the only child of Leroy and CarolSue Hair. If we could have only one, and that turned out to be the case, then we got the best. He has always made his Mom and Dad very proud of him and has grown into the finest of young men and fathers. We love his wife Ronda as our own daughter, and the two grandchildren they have given us are very precious.

    Mathew was adopted legally by Curtis in 1996, although we already loved him as our very own grandson. Casey has been a joy beyond compare.

    Curtis attended Carl Albert High School, the University of Oklahoma, and the University of Central Oklahoma. He is a teacher in the Midwest City-Del City Schools in a drop-out recovery program. It gives me great pride to say that he is a wonderful teacher and does great work with academically-troubled high school students. He's engaged in obtaining a master's degree in administration from the University of Oklahoma.

    Curtis swears he was born at the wrong time; he loves 50's music and 50's cars--two vehicles he restored are on his photo page.

    Curtis resides with his family in Moore, Oklahoma.

Photos of Curtis

Photos of Mathew and Casey

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