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Cecil County, MD

    In the name of God Amen I Alexr. Ewing being sick of body at present but perfect of mind and memory blessed be God therefor calling to mind that it is appointed for all men to die Doeth make this day my last Will & Testament in the manner as followeth.

    1st  I Recommend my Soul to God who gave it & my Body to the Dust to be buried in a Christian like & decent manner at the discretion of my Exects. & touching such worldly Estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with I Bequeath in the method following.

    2dly  I appoint all my just and lawfull debts to be discharged & paid as soon as it is possible as my Exects. shall see cause.

    3dly  My well beloved wife to have the one third of all Moveables after the debts is paid with her proportion of the Plantation as the law directs.

    4ly  I appoint that my son James shall have half of the Plantation with the Houses and Orchards & all Improvements belonging to that half and the other half to my sons John & William equally. William husbands to make the lines betwixt them.

    5ly  I appoint that my son James shall Pay Twenty Pounds more or less to my Daughter Margaret at the discretion of my Exects. when she arrives at the age of Sixteen & that John and William shall pay unto my son Samuel when he arrives at the age of Sixteen years the sum of twenty Pounds more or less at the Discretion of my Exects.

    6ly  I appoint that my Son in Law Andr. Porter shall have given him by my Exects. the first day of November next the old brown horse & six sheep together with what he hath already gotten.

    7ly  If any of my sons incline to sell their part of the Land it shall be to their Brother or Brothers he or they paying as much for the same as a Stranger is willing to give.

    8ly  I positively appoint that my sons James & John shall be bound to trades at or against next fall at the discretion of my Exects. & that William and Margaret be likewise bound out at the Exects. Discretion.

    9ly  I appoint Andr. Barry  Esq. James Porter Small. Ewing & Nathanl. Ewing to be my Exects. & lastly I doe hereby Revoke Disallow & Disannull all former Wills and Testaments made by me in any ways & doeth only Confirm and ordain & appoint this to be my last Will and Testament as Witness my hand and seal 18 day of Aprill 1738.

    Alex. Ewing       seal

    Witness Present                                                    her
    Robert Gillispie                                    Rachall      X       Ewing
    William Mitchell                                                   mark


    Vizt. Cecil County Pst. March ye 15 1738  William Mitchell & Robert Gillispie two of the subscribing Witnesses to the foregoing Will being duly & solemnly sworn on the holy Evangels of Almighty God depose & say that they saw the Testator Alexander Ewing sign the foregoing will & heard him Publish and declare the same to be his last Will and Testatment.  That at the time of his doing he was to the best of their apprehension of sound & disposing mind & memory and that they subscribed their respective names & Rachel Ewing her mark as Witnesses to the same Will in the Presence of said Testator & at his request.  Which oath was taken by the said Witnesses in the presence of James Ewing Eldest son of the Decd. who made no objection to the probate of said Will.

    Sworn before me Wm Ramsey DComty.