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*ALEXANDER EWING m. ~1712 Ireland *REBECKAH_____^

    ^REBECKAH_____--note--The source for the name of my 5th Great-grandmother, Rebeckah Ewing, is a deed recorded in Cecil County, MD in 1750 where she is referred to as ". . . Rebeckah Ewing, Mother of the said James Ewing, John Ewing, and William Ewing . . . . " (Deed Book 7, Cecil County, MD, 1750: p. 183.) On page 182 of the same Deed Book, Alexander Ewing is identified as the father of the same James, John, and William, so the relationship is certain. I am indebted to James McMichael, Treasurer of Clan Ewing in America and my third cousin, for copies of the pertinent pages of this volume.

    Although a few sources have a reference to Alexander's wife as Elinor (Rachel?) Porter, this is obviously inaccurate. Alexander's cousin Nathaniel, who sailed on the same immigrant ship, was married to Rachel Porter, and I believe this is where the confusion arises. A "Rachall Ewing" did make her mark on Alexander's Last Will and Testament where her name is printed as "Rachall Ewing," although her name appears as "Rachel Ewing" elsewhere in an accompanying document. Since the will was signed in Cecil County, MD where both Alexander Ewing and Nathaniel Ewing made their homes close to one another, perhaps this Rachel was Nathaniel's wife, obliging her cousin by marriage in the witnessing of his will.


*JOHN b. ~1725--Ireland d. 1787/88--Montgomery Co., VA^
WILLIAM^ b. 8 Jan 1728/9--Cecil Co., MD d. 1788--Montgomery Co.,VA
MARGARET b. ~1732 d. ?--VA
ELEANOR b. ~1721 d. before 1745--MD or VA
SAMUEL^ b. 10 March 1737--Cecil Co., MD d. 1786--Montgomery Co., VA
JAMES^ b. 8 Aug 1723--Ulster, Ireland d. 1791--Wythe Co., VA

    ^JOHN--note--John Ewing's will was dated 25 Jan 1787 and probated 25 Jan 1788, so his death must have occurred between those two dates.

    ^WILLIAM--note--William married his cousin, Jane Ewing, daughter of Samuel Ewing who was Nathaniel Ewing's half-brother. William's will was probated in Montgomery Co. 5 March 1788.

    ^SAMUEL--note--Samuel Ewing married late in life to a widow, Mrs. Mary Purnal who was a Porter before her first marriage. Samuel's will was probated in Montgomery Co. 23 May 1786.

    ^JAMES--note--James's will was probated in Wythe Co. 8 Nov 1791.

    Alexander Ewing boarded a ship bound for America in 1727, along with his wife, Rebeckah, and those of his children already born. The Alexander Ewing family was accompanied on this same ship by his cousin Nathaniel, son of Robert Ewing's brother William. Nathaniel's half-brothers and their families were also aboard. Nathaniel brought his wife Rachel and their eight children (one of whom, Ann, was born on shipboard) on this arduous journey. Settling first in Cecil County, MD, these two families remained closely tied. Alexander became a plantation holder in Cecil County and never left, dying there May 7, 1738. His widow is said by some to have moved to Montgomery County, VA, and later died there, although there is no documentation of this other than anecdotal and Rebeckah was still in Cecil County in 1750. Alexander's children, certainly his sons, moved on with a group of Ewing cousins to settle in Prince Edward County, VA. Later, they went into Wythe County to the Cripple Creek area, and John as well as Samuel and William, finally settled in Montgomery County. Alexander's success in MD established a tradition of further good fortune as each of his children continued to acquire lands and establish plantations. Alexander's Will illustrated his ability to provide for his family a future in their new homeland, although it does not specify the extent of his holdings.


    During his research, my uncle found mention of an article from the Southwestern Virginia Enterprise, 7 February 1939 edition, Wytheville, VA. In it was a description of a very old family Bible brought into the office by a Mr. John Davis. This Bible belonged to Alexander Ewing, purchased by him in 1727 and brought to the Colonies, specifically Cecil County, MD, in that same year. The newspaper article was said to contain many of the family names and dates. I began to search for a way to view that article, of course hoping to find the fate of the Bible itself along the way.

    Landon McAllister, formerly employed by the Enterprise, saw my plight and so very kindly searched the "morgue" and found the article. He not only sent me the photocopy, but also furnished an image of the article that you will find by following the link below. McAllister, now a cherished friend, paved the way to my being interviewed for an article in the modern Enterprise. That article was published in August of 1997 and resulted in some very valuable contacts from the Wytheville area.




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