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A Gallery of Family Groups

The Family of Robert Elliot and Mary Beck, Molesworth, Ontario in the 1880s

Four of the children of this couple married McAllister descendants. All of the McAllisters were the children of Robert McAllister (J34-3-3), one of the three brothers of our line who emigrated to Canada from Scotland in 1833. Robert McAllister (J34-3-3-4) married Jane Carruthers Elliot; Lily Lillater McAllister married James Elliot; Hugh Fraser McAllister married Wilhelmina Elliot 16 November 1882; and Margaret-Ann McAllister married John Elliot about 1885. The dates of the other marriages have not yet been added to our database.

The Robertsons were a brother and sister who also married Elliots in the family.

More than 1,300 descendants of Robert McAllister (J34-3-3) have been recorded.

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