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Poetry and Prose and OkieRose


My name is CarolSue, but my very BEST friends just call me Rosie! I resided in Oklahoma almost all of my life, Okie born and bred. However, in 1997, I moved to ST. LOUIS--quite a culture shock!

I now live in a beautiful part of Southwest Virginia in the foothills of the Appalachians. The New River runs close, and its valley is strikingly lovely.

I am an author, poet, and a former teacher. The mystic is an integral part of me, and I am a firm believer in Angels; one has played an important part in my life.

Lovingly Crafted by Rosie, my website design business, is a joy as well as a job (when I have the time to work at it).

I also take the greatest pride in my grandsons. Of course I have pictures!

You've got to dance like nobody's watching and love like it's never going to hurt. (anonymous--but wise)


My dearest friend and husband, who is featured in the Vietnam Vets section on this site, and I have embarked on a joint effort focusing on his vast journalistic background and my design work. Join us at McRosieWorks for a look at our growing list of sites available on the WWW. It's a labor of love for both of us, and we promise new and enjoyable experiences to stimulate the mind and delight the eye.


The thread of life is a continuous strand, unbroken and beautiful to behold. We ARE all who came before us and a part of all who will be. Curiosity about and respect for family history resulted in an ongoing study of my Celtic EWING roots and the site The Ewing Family Tree. I invite you there for a narrative stretching from c.1610 to the present and some authentic Celtic and American music to accompany the story.

The Vietnam Saga

Wolfhound Did You Serve in the Wolfhounds in Vietnam?

If you did, we want to record your experiences in the Wolfhounds Vietnam History Project. The link will take you to our interactive page to learn more about the history project and how YOU can become part of it.

Please go to our Wolfhound Page. (A click on the Wolfhound will take you there.)

--Howard Landon "Dutch" McAllister

I am a patriot. Despite the failings of some who purport to "lead" my country, I love it dearly. Boundless gratitude and respect dwell within me when I consider the men and women who have protected with their lives "The Great Experiment" -- this United States of America which was founded upon the highest principles by men of courage and conviction. When it has become necessary to fight for the survival of these ideals, the men and women who dutifully and honorably wage the resulting wars deserve very special recognition from us all. I choose to focus on the Vietnam War because my contemporaries fought and died in it, much concerning the conflict is still misunderstood, and it profoundly altered this land and its people -- my land and my people. No war, before or since, has had such complex ramifications. Its unique character will be a matter of interest and research far into the future. But the veterans of the Vietnam War live now and deal with their personal legacy from those years every day of their lives. Please visit The Vietnam Saga for some first-person accounts, an album of unforgettable photographs, and a few related links you might enjoy visiting. We will NOT forget!


Trite? Perhaps -- but true for me: poetry is the music of the soul played in words that sing across time. The melodies may be lilting or sad -- haunting or downright dissonant, but the tune is true. And so -- here are a few of Rosie's Poems.

Thank you so much for your visit, and I hope you will come again! If you would like to send me a message you email Rosie.

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