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McAllister J34 Genealogy

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Welcome to the J34 line of McAllister Genealogy

The J34 line includes all descendants of John McAllister, born 1760 in Stirling, Scotland.

Loch Awe and Kilchurn Castle

    Download the printable J34 database in MS-Works format, the current standard format used by Clan McAlister of America--J34 is among nearly 200 family lines listed in the Clan McAlister of America database.

    The McAllister Picture Galleries--We hope you will enjoy each of them:  

    Clan McAlister of America --CMA is the authoritative record-keeper for clan genealogy--in all the various spellings of the surname.

    Clan Cousin David McCallister's J43 Line and J04 Data

    The Ewing Family Tree--Rosie's Clan Ewing Line

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    Lt. Robert Hampton Gray, VC, DSC 

    Lieutenant Robert Hampton Gray (J34-3-3-4-5-2) was the Senior Pilot of 1841 Squadron in HMS Formidable, an aircraft carrier in the British Pacific Fleet. He lost his life on August 9, 1945, in the final moments of World War II, while sinking an enemy warship. In World War II, he was one of only 16 Canadians to be awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest British decoration for heroism. McAllisters take great pride in his courage and in his life. To read his citation and learn more about him, please visit the following site established by the Veterans Affairs Department of the Canadian government:


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